Are you F2D ?

F2D is more than a brand. It’s a lifestyle.

In a globalized media-oriented and self-centered world, it has become harder to stand out without making an effort to do so. Yet, the ones we look up to are people who do their own thing, on their own terms, without the intention to stand out, the ones that are being true to their own ideals, and their own way of life.

Subcultures still exist, but boundaries are getting blurry. We adapt and relate to different things and develop passions and interests across cultural borders. It’s not about being good at one thing, it’s about having belief in what we do, and how we do it. Being true, not to a specific culture, but instead finding our own paths based in different cultures.

F2D is being true to our own way of life, and doing what we believe is right for us, from cradle to grave.

F2D is being able to adapt by being spontaneous. Rolling with the punches and holding our heads high trough life, because we believe in ourselves and what we do finding our crafts. Our passions, Doing things our way, without regarding the rules and the status quo.

F2D is for the rebels, the creators, the provocateurs, street-wise, the passionate. It’s for everyone with a purpose in life.

Are you F2D ?